Black Lives Matter
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Black Lives Matter

These works are an extension of ‘Blackground’. I felt it was important to capture the moment after the death of George Floyd. It’s global impact and also how it affected us in the UK in the midst of a pandemic. Visually documenting the turbulent events enabled me to record an important moment in our collective history. The point at which real discussions had to take place about racism and our country’s colonial past. I’m quietly optimistic that it might have been a small step in the right direction.

The Rising Tide

This image depicts the solidarity shown against the rising tide of racism. I have included some faces of well known activists as well as those who have died as a result of some form of racist attack.

Get Up, Stand Up

A celebration of protest. This image includes actual banners from BLM protests from around the world. I included Mark Quinn’s statue as it was a positive counter play to the statues in ‘False Profits’.

The shadowy figures are the statues of Cecil Rhodes, Winston Churchill and Edward Colston. Their actions had such a huge effect on the diaspora. Each white cross equals 1,000 lives lost to slavery.

Catch 'A Fire

The anonymity of keyboard racists. Who post hateful comments with no fear of repercussions. How these words actually touch everyone.