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I’m a busy mum of 3, twin girls of 6 and my son 7. Studio time can vary from 2 hours to 20 hours a week. The mental transition from mum to artist can be problematic.

There are two themes within my work abstraction and autobiographical.

Having the choice of projects helps me to settle.

Painting abstracts alongside my figurative painting deepens my understanding of paint. As well as painting. Helping me to uncover what is important. How to better communicate more with less.

My abstract work explores my inner landscape. My concerns with the correlation between colours shape and form.

Creating compositions with no recognisable visual anchors. Investigating opacity and translucency, relishing the incidental colours that occur when colours overlap.

I was a graffiti artist, parallels exist with my current colour palette and how I apply paint. Music is an integral part of my process, each painting has its own soundtrack. I see these paintings as visual dances. Exploiting a simple repeated motif, lets me focus on the composition.


My heritage, identity have become increasingly important to me since becoming a mother. The legacy I’ll leave my children. To help them understand their place in the world.

I’ve been making self portraits for 2 years.

‘Conversations with Family Passed and Present’. Started as the quest to find myself in the faces of my family. I didn’t realise it would become more than that.

Painting family has meant, introspection, reflection and retrospection.

I can see the characteristics that we share, is there more? Time spent painting them enables new dialogues to take place. It is a reconnection. Bringing forgotten memories and relationships back into my life in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

current work


These large scale paintings are based on the idea of repetition and deliberate gesture. The use of layers explores translucency and opacity. I’m excited by the new colours created as several overlay each other. I am also investigating obscuring colour by using neutral colours over the top. These appear white but are actually very pale pinks, blues, purples.

The overall composition of each painting owes a lot to improvisation with each mark adding to the rhythm of the painting.

I wanted these paintings to have two lives, I painted layers of ultraviolet paint that show in blue light, creating a different way to see the painting.

Emulsion and Acrylic on Watercolour Paper 100cm x 150cm


Emulsion and Acrylic on Watercolour Paper 100cm x 150cm Under UV Light


ART Collections

When Elton Met Freddie - Emulsion and Acrylic on Paper 10cm x 10cm 3

when elton met freddie

Same Boats, Different Seas - Emulsion and Acrylic on Paper 10cm x 10cm - 12

Same Boats

Dave Loves Disco__Emulsion and Acrylic on Paper __10cm x 10cm 10

Dave Loves disco

Roller Skate Emulsion and Acrylic on Paper 10cm x 10cm 9

roller skate

autobiographical work


Our Journey to 5





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