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A prism works because the distinct colours of light that travel at varying speeds inside the glass.

I perceive my work as these colours with each colour working well in isolation and when seen together creating a cohesive harmony, representing divergent aspects of my life and practice.

My life has always provided a rich seam which I have meticulously mined throughout my art career, recording moments of the present to create a physical living archive for my children.

Documenting my family history and our shared history. The intensity of these excavations needs to be sublimated. I achieve this by other voyages of discovery and different challenges, through exploring light, composition, and colour. This work can be abstract or figurative.

I learn valuable lessons from these visual expeditions. That in turn informs and enriches my figurative work, deepening my understanding of the possibilities of paint.

Working in this way enables synergy to take place, providing me with an integrated approach to my creative practice.

current work


I grew up with a painting from Woolworths of a blonde haired blue-eyed girl cuddling a ginger kitten. I think there’s room for more diverse imagery now. I am endeavouring to make it.

I explore my identity as artist/mother. Paintings of my children are an extension of my self-portrait and heritage bodies of work. Looking for myself in them. My three IVF miracles have given me a new identity to discover.

I aim to capture the ordinariness and the extraordinariness of our life. Moments of childhood that are seen so often that they become invisible, a visual white noise.

ART Collections

Yesterday Morning 25cm x 35cm Oil on Board 2022


The Drip, Drip, Drip of Post Covid 100cm x 150cm 2022


New Dawn Digital Drawing

New Dawn

Just Wanna Drink Coffee 60cm x 85cm 2022


Roller Skate Emulsion and Acrylic on Paper 10cm x 10cm 9

roller skate

autobiographical work


Our Journey to 5






I’m always posting my latest work from my studio, my thoughts and the story of my artistic journey on Instagram and Facebook.