Sharon James Artist & Art Curator | Bio
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Sharon James Artist

Sharon James was born in North in 1970 to West Indian parents. Her grandmother who was one of the first female bus conductress’ on the London Buses felt it was important to expose her grandchildren to all the culture that London had to offer. Visits to galleries, museums and even the ballet were a regular occurrence throughout Sharon’s’ childhood.

This definitely had a big impact on her creatively. Drawing was a form of escapism as she was bought up in an oppressive religious cult that prohibited virtually every activity.

Artist at a Young Age

Being an artist was the only dream from the age of seven. Nine years later that was became a reality. Art Foundation, followed by a degree in Fine Art Printmaking then on to an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Camberwell School of Art.

She has been fortunate to have worked in the creative industries since graduating, as a lecturer, an artist, a demonstrator, a curator and a gallery owner. That makes an impressive 31 years working in the arts.

When it comes to her art Sharon is a renaissance woman. She uses her knowledge of jewellery making, book making, paper making alongside her printmaking. Her inspirations are many and varied. Including all the heavyweight subjects, life, death, sex and sexuality and birth. She often injects humour and pathos into her work in an attempt to connect with her viewing audience in a way that they can relate to. There’s often hidden meanings within the work and the titles of the work.